Luxury Vacations

In Talma we create once in a lifetime experiences that no money can buy. Think you saw everything? That you did everything possible? Whether you are over the classic destination or were never a part of the mainstream and like discovering new worlds – our unique luxury vacations were made totally for you. Forget everything you know about the Overseas, and let us make your dreams come true in the world’s most incredible places: discover astounding places and hidden landscapes, experience spectacular things, try things you never imagined you would do, blend in fascinating cultures, enjoy oriental delicacies and reach excitement peaks. Choose from:

  • Talma Boutique – quality private trips personally customized for those who already saw everything
  • Talma Extreme – high adrenaline extreme trips that will bring you to action and thrill apexes
  • Talma LemonGuru – Exclusive luxury travels with Israel’s leading talents in their profession

Just like you dreamt of
You will not find Talma’s luxury vacation anywhere else. We plan those with meticulous personal customization in order to fulfill aspirations, make dreams come true and award the most luxurious care for any of your demands and preferences. Our excellent familiarity with the world’s most exotic destination and our local representatives in each one of those places allow us to keep scrupulous personal care, at the highest levels. We will take care of every detail of your trip – from flights and hotels, through routes and attractions, to menus and entertainment, so you will be free to experience the good life without disturbances

Talma’s luxury vacations create heartfelt memories. For details and reservations contact us and run to pack.